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Sägi has, for more than 50 years, produced metal and wood articles of the highest quality for the interior and kitchen. In the 1960s a Sägi wrought iron hat rack with mirror and umbrella stand was the standard in almost every doorway and a teak salad bowl the most sought after accessory on every table.

Since then interior decoration tastes have changed a great deal. Today Sägi specialises in a wide range of modern and classical fire-tool accessories, designer wooden kitchen products such as breadboards, chopping boards, peppermills, fondue-rechauds and many others useful items.

The market is flooded with large quantities of consumer goods which in most cases are mass produced in the Far East. These products differ significantly in quality and design and cannot be compared with the Sägi range which is only produced in small quantities and in Switzerland and the EU.

In addition distribution has entered a new era. Internet makes it possible for you to contact and purchase from us with ease at any time and from anywhere in the world.

This evolution is also the reason why a lot of traditional high street shops close and that it has become more difficult to find shops which can display the full and diverse range of our products.

We hope therefore that our homepage will give you a comprehensive and detailed impression of our products. However should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


The design of the LOGO Sägi during all the year

1950 1996 2000
Sägi AG 1950 Sägi AG 1996


Peter Sägesser

Most of the products are designed by Peter Sägesser.


We assure you that all Sägi Products are only made in Switzerland and in the EU.
ontrolling, assembling and packing is all done in Switzerland.

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